The Hungry Brain

Our brains are comprised of a 100 BILLION neurons. Neuron is just a fancy way of saying, "brain cell". These neurons are doing a whole lot of sprouting and growing and connecting, creating intricate little pathways that appear as habits in our thoughts and our behaviours. We want for these pathways to happen in good health so that growth and development can continue effortlessly our entire lifetime through.

Our brains consume 20 percent of our daily energy intake. They are hungry. When we provide them with the "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables, we are pumping phytonutrients that nourish communication between neurons. Phytonutrients also serve as antioxidants and protect the cells as they go about doing their little cell jobs. Feed your brain.

A Moveable Feast

There is an inner "hippie" within us all. We are meant to commune. When we come together to share in the preparation and consumption of food, we do more than just nourish our bodies, we feed our brains too.

Complex interpersonal exchanges, the very ones we experience while sharing a meal together, strengthen and promote neural pathways in the brain. We also experience a flood of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine when we come together in community- these are the top three "feel good" chemicals and they are delicious!

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