Planning Your Garden

If gardening is brand new to you, you're in for a big treat! The brain seeks out new experiences, in fact, it craves them. Each time you experience something novel or complex, your brain develops something known as "synaptic density". That's just a special way of describing the super-highway of brain activity that keeps you feeling curious, bright and creative.

Planning your own garden, whether in a pot or a plot, can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Start small. Start with plunking a few of your favourites into the ground and watching them grow. As your gardening expertise expands, challenge yourself to higher heights in "companion planting", adopting the principles of permaculture, or water harvesting and gravity-fed irrigation.

Gardening builds brain density. Turns out, being dense is a good thing. Who knew?!

Preparing the Soil

Preparing the soil engages your entire body in physical exertion, calling upon feel-good endorphins to soothe sore muscles and keep them moving.

Have you ever heard of a "runner's high"? Well, don't let those floppy old straw hats fool you, there is such a thing as a "gardener's high" too. Not only do you get a rush of wellbeing from natural painkillers in the body, you get a good solid dose of dopamine that feels like a wave of deep satisfaction for a job well done.

Sewing Seeds and Seedlings

All this talk of buying locally... what could be closer than a grocery store in your own backyard?

Whether you plant seeds or seedlings, you can source those that are genetically untampered and free from any sort of chemical intervention intended to keep them safe from pests. Your body is designed to process every morsel of food you ingest, sending it off to various places for building bones and muscles and cells of all varieties. When your body is introduced to something foreign, something it does not recognize, this process begins to stagger and sway, and your body becomes sluggish.

Sourcing your own food means deciding for your body that 100 percent of what you consume can be put to good use. This kind of conscious consumption builds your body's efficiencies and with that, your energies soar.

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